After several auditions that rocked major cities in Nigeria, the successful participants that made the Final Cast list for Life 101 TV series has n released.  

 The journey to stardom started with over 1000 participants in exciting auditions held across Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Calabar and Benin; 14 Talents have been shortlisted to be part of the 20-episode TV series- Life 101.

Life 101 is another interesting TV series from Ebony Life TV, proudly sponsored by Malta Guinness, the series inspires and celebrates the “can-do” spirit and attitude that defines every day Nigerian.  

Meet the final cast.

ps: watchout for it Its a dope tv series, dont ask me how i know it is. I just know😎!




Hey guys! I hope you had a lovely weekend? I sure did! I pray you enjoy the rest of the week. Okay, let’s get to business. Today, I would like to talk about ‘Ghosting’.

According to the Urban dictionary, Ghosting can be defined as the act of ceasing all communication with someone with regards to dating. This is done with the hope that the ‘ghosted’ will take the hint and leave the subject alone as opposed to the subject simply letting the ‘ghostee’ know that he/she is not interested.

Ever met that cute guy/chic online? The one with whom you strike a connection, then it gets deeper and just when you feel like taking things to the next level, they stop contacting you? The ones you know they are alright because you see their online activities but the only thing that’s changed is their communication with you? If you’ve ever had that experience, then surely you have been GHOSTED!

Well, I’m going to be taking the female side on this matter. Sorry guys, girl power! looolz.

The other day, my girlfriends and I went out to chill and the issue of Ghosting came up. I was surprised to find out I wasn’t the only one who had been ghosted in my lifetime. It was fun to hear different stories, the funny, the absurd and the downright embarrassing ones, one of which with their permission, I’ve decided to share.

One of my girlfriends, relating her Ghosting experience, said she once met a guy via social media and things started going down in the DM. They exchanged numbers and talked both day and night. So it didn’t take long for them to arrange a meet.

On this fateful day, they finally met up and spoke like they had known each other for years! The chemistry was obvious. By this time, homegirl felt like she had found a keeper. Everything was seemingly going smooth when he asked to scroll through the pictures on her phone, which she obliged him. Few minutes later, he received a call and decided to take it outside, with her phone still in his hand. She sat there waiting for him to return. Unknown to her, dude had left with her phone!

After several futile efforts to retrieve her phone, she called the guy, raining all sorts of insults on him but the dude didn’t bulge. He even went as far as threatening to expose her nude pictures if she kept disturbing him. With nothing else to do, she blocked him on all social media platforms.

I know this isn’t a typical ghosting scenario but I decided to share this because the guy did not only ghost, he chose to steal from her as well! As a matter of fact, I think this is the worst ghosting story I have heard. He could have just done the normal routine by pulling a no show or showing up and not calling ever again, atleast that would have been bearable.

Based on this story, personal experience n more, I have decided to give useful tips on how to avoid being ghosted and get over being ghosted. These tips are useful in both cases.


60% of the time, we fail to take heed to that little inner voice that tells us NO, rather we listen to our hearts and not our heads, which we end up regretting.


It won’t hurt you to take it slow. It never hurts, although sometimes you end up with the few who were beamed on a mission from hell to hunt you down. Nevertheless, waiting things out helps you get a clearer picture of the person/situation.


If after listening to your mind and taking it slow, you still end up being ghosted, its aii, don’t sweat it, it’s definitely happening to the best of us. Stand tall, raise your head high and shake it off. Better days are ahead honey.


Don’t start asking yourself questions like “What happened? What did I do wrong? Wasn’t I good enough?” No! Don’t do that. Accept that the person didn’t want you in their lives anymore and remember the story of the Frog and the Princess. Some of us have to kiss many frogs to find our Prince Charming lool.


Finally, Pray for them to find Jesus!  loooolz, because if they did have Jesus, they won’t dare disrespect, mislead or hurt any woman at all. Praying for them would give you peace and most importantly, closure.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to check out my blog. I appreciate you guys long time!

Please feel free to share your ghost stories comments and any more tips you’ll like to add!

Love, hugs and walk tall,

Yours sincerely,

Miss Jummielicious.




Hey guys! I trust your week went well. Eid-Mubarak to all our Muslim friends, albeit belated!

For those residing in Calabar, this past week was unquestionably one to remember as ‘SPAR’ opened to the public for business on Wednesday, the 6th of July, even though the Calabar City Mall, where it resides, hasn’t been officially commissioned as construction work is still ongoing in its premises.

The hype around the recently opened SPAR was so much my friends and I had to go check it out for ourselves. Trust our lovely Cross-Riverians to flood a new place just for the hype! The security was pretty tight, as we were searched two consecutive times and we also had to leave our bags at the security post because they were not allowed in the mall.

The mall is averagely sized with different sections to meet all your needs, household and otherwise. Their prices are very affordable and their staff are super friendly.

We participated in the “Buy and Win’ promo, in which for every purchase worth 2,500 Naira and above, you stand a chance to win lots of cool prizes like flat screen tvs, printers, standing fans etc. We were aiming for the good stuff, so imagine how heartbroken we felt when we ended up with an insecticide and two bars of Bounty chocolate! Better luck next time I guess.

Nonetheless, we are just excited to have a shopping mall in town and I can’t wait to enjoy the full experience of the entire mall when the other stores finally open, some of which include a Zaron Store, T.M. Lewin Store, Baby Shop, Montage Place and Studio24.

Here are few of the pictures of the recently opened spar below











Have a lovely weekend guys!

Love, hugs and chocolate
Yours truly,
Miss jummielicious.



Hey guys! Hope y’all are doing good? I’m sorry for the brief silence. No worries, I’m back now.

I don’t know about u guys, but when God wanted to give us guardian angels on earth, He sat down, took His time and created the most exceptional being ever and He called her ‘MOTHER’. Loooolz. You agree with my theory right?

Kind? Caring? Loving? Affectionate? Amiable? Wise? Tutors? There aren’t enough words to describe a Mother

I saw this Linda Ikeji’s post on John Boyega (The British/Nigerian, Star Wars Actor) in which he described an encounter with his mum and he said 
“I hadn’t seen my mum in a week and the 1st thing she said to me was ‘go and fry plantain”

I smiled after reading this post because right there was a typical Nigerian mother expressing her love to her child!

So all the times your mom asked if you had eaten, gave u a piece of her food or meat or spanked the hell outta u when u did wrong, she simply was saying ‘I love you’.

Growing up in a Nigerian household, you either had a disciplinarian for a mum or dad and if you didn’t have any you probably had one ‘Aunty Nkechi’ in your primary/elementary school who you described as wicked because
1. She flogged a lot
2. She gave a lot of tests
3. She made u buy the cane she was gonna use to flog you in school. Looolz

Well, a typical Nigerian Mother’s motto is ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ or at least, that was their favourite bible verse. As a female growing up in a Nigerian household, we were taught that you can become anything you want to be, but that doesn’t stop us from forgetting our place in d kitchen. From primary/elementary school you start learning how to make eba, then u proceed to rice and other delicacies and God bless u, u let food get burnt on your watch! Smh. It never ends well. looolz

I still remember the ‘frog jump’, ‘pick the pin’, ‘the basic kneeling down’ or the ‘lovely okada style’. looolz. All these were punishments we served whilst growing up.

Well, let me point out here that they only did all these out of Love, and as much as many won’t agree with their discipline tactics or style, All they did helped shape us into the fine individuals we are today.

As much as we would love to deny it, our mothers are always right.

I can’t forget the sleepless nights when they stay awoke to finish one school project or the other or to monitor our temperatures when we fell ill or the lovely delicacies they made with love for us to eat so we could get well fast. On behalf of all every reader born of a woman, I say thank you for all your sacrifices. 

This post is dedicated to all the mothers all over the world, to those who are with us and to those who are of blessed memory. We wanna appreciate you for your love, care, prayers and even the ‘hard reset slaps’ u gave us to put us in order anytime we went astray. We just wanna let u know we love u more than life itself!

P’s: This post is about Nigerian mothers viewed from my perspective and relating my experiences based on my environment.

Please share and leave your comments on your experiences growing up or just let your mum know how much u love her!

Love,hugs and kiss your mama
Yours truly,
Miss jummielicious.



In mathematics, we were taught that “X” stands for the unknown, and to get the unknown,we need to have an equation. I know ‘mathematics’ is one of the least interesting subjects to discuss but let’s consider a simple equation that I have termed ‘The Equation Of Love’.

y + x = l

In this equation,

Y represents You
X: Your Partner
L: Love.

Knowing the other variables, yourself and that thing called love, one of life’s greatest challenges is finding X because only when you have found X can you find love. 

We all belong to different schools of thought when it comes to love but what is love? The bible gave us a perfect foundation on what love truly is in 1cor 13:4

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to man. There are many kinds of love, but most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner.

In our world today, love is said to be the foundation to finding the perfect partner. It is this misconception that has led many to unhappy marriages and a few broken hearts. So I chose to rephrase that statement…

‘Finding the right partner is the first step (foundation) to finding true love.’

Now that brings us to our question of the day. 

Who is your ideal partner? Your Mr or Miss X. 

  Also, at what point in life is it safe to lower our standards or compromise on the qualities we look out for in a partner? On the other hand, do we set unrealistic criteria for selecting a partner?

Being a woman, there are certain qualities I look out for in a man and these qualities help determine if I fall in love with him or not. People often say love is blind and as such you don’t always choose who you fall in love with. True?


You fall in love with a person because you have carried out (knowingly or unknowingly) a mental assessment of the qualities they possess and when they meet your standards, you can’t help but fall.

As individuals, we all have different desires and ideas, so there isn’t a comprehensive list of qualities to look out for in a partner. Each to his own.

I’ve heard some ladies say they need a man who’s hard working, God fearing, humble and kind, while others look out for qualities that are more fleeting. You hear stuffs like “he must be rich, tall, dark and handsome with 6packs looolz.

Even in fairy tales, every girl wants her Prince Charming to be brave, strong and definitely handsome. I’m yet to read about an ugly prince. Even the beast in ‘Beauty & The Beast’ turned out to be good looking :mrgreen:.

So, I’ve decided to share with you guys an article I once read on the instagram page of weddingdigestnaija, outlining a certain lady’s requirements for her Mr X. While some found it offensive and stupid, some found it rather hilarious and others pratical.

Excerpts from the diary of a single lady:

“I’m not compromising on my standards and man goals, I’m 31 turning into 32 next year, despite several bashing from my mum/family about being single, i don’t want to lower my standards. I know how i want my ideal man to be, most men i meet in lagos are not showing these qualities. Most of my friends are married but they are not happy. They all got married so they can wear designer gown, put Wedding # on IG. I’m finally married, i’ve joined the respectable list of women in the society. I almost threw up, so because you are married you’re automatically respectable? SMH. Anyways here are my list of requirement for my future man in 2016 “Dear Future Man”

1. please be respectable to my heart desires.
2. You must have a Foreign Passport(blue or wine)
3. When we marry, i don’t want you to leave me at home and always go out without me.
4. Cheating of any sorts are not allowed.
5. You must love God more than you love me.
6. You must be 6ft and above.
7. You must be uncannily handsome
8. You must earn at least 700,000 a month
9. I don’t mind living in the mainland but our furniture should be from french heritage/christopher guy.
10. I’m into intimacy and self we have to talk to each other on the phone 27hours a week
11. Your family are allowed to stay with us provided they pick a chore in the house.
12. I’m not big on engagement rings but i would love to be dazzled by your proposal concept (probably a destination proposal).
13. I must have your password and you can have mine too
14. I’m not a kitchen person but i can learn to cook or better still hire a cook.
15. There are no sidechicks in my dictionary,so that’s not an option.
16. Family vacations are mandatory at least 4times a year.
17. I dont want you on social media platform especially ig and fb.
18. We have to join a vocational painting class.
19. I’ve been taking trains and driving all my life i would like us to have drivers.
20. I would love, cherish, pray and stand by you.
Cc of JoroOlumofin 

Most ladies throw away their dreams and standards because of ring. Not me IJN.”

I laughed really hard when I read the article especially that last bit about ladies throwing away their dreams and standards because of ring. As vain as she might seem, she clearly knows what she wants

Do you?

PS: To find your ideal partner, you must first work on becoming an ideal partner.

Love, hugs & exercise.
Yours truly,
Miss jummielicious.

Please share your thoughts and comments.thanks



Singing Falz’ ‘Karashika’

“queen of the coast don dey find a nigga, Lord save me from karashika” 

Lol… I was listening to that song when I got the inspiration to write this post. I just love Falz’ sense of humour! Don’t we all?

Well, I got talking to a friend the other day, when one gist led to another and we began to recollect stories we had heard from friends, who heard from their friends’ friends. We all know that type of gist nah. I can particularly remember 1 of such stories I heard from one of my cousins about his friend Tunde who had not just 1 but 2 encounters with ‘Karashikas’.

Tunde’s first encounter was at a beach party. He got very comfy with a chic, so they both left and decided to spend the night at a nearby hotel. When they got to the room the chic said she wanted to shower first, so he laid on the bed waiting for her. After a while, he decided to check up on her because she had spent too much time in there. As he walked towards the bathroom he caught a glimpse of her as the door was slightly opened.

What he saw scared the shit out of him! Laying there on the bathroom floor was a coffin! He wiped his eyes just to make sure they weren’t playing pranks on him, to his bewilderment, the coffin was still there! He hurriedly started gathering his stuff when the chic came out and stopped him. Knowing he had seen her, she said she’d keep him alive only because she liked him.

She then asked him to go get her Palm oil. Tunde didn’t even bother to ask what she needed palm oil for, he simply bolted out of the door. He came back after a while, (dude has got balls, I’d give him that because if I had been in his shoes, I doubt I’d return let alone look for palm oil… fear of the unknown I guess), only to meet the room empty with no trace of the chic at all. Crazy!

His next encounter happened on his way back from a club. Tunde saw a lady stranded on the road, he didn’t want to stop at first, considering his previous experience with a random chic but the ‘Yoruba Demon’ in him (or was it kindness?) couldn’t let him just drive by. So he did the ‘kind’ thing, by stopping and offering her a lift. 

On their way, they got along so well, he found out that the lady was in fact well read and very fluent in speaking. He started battling with the idea of taking of her to his place rather than dropping her off.

Whilst driving past the third mainland bridge, the chic started acting funny and was suddenly quiet before begging him to stop that she was feeling nauseous. Against his better judgement, he stopped and let her out of the car. On getting out, the chic ran towards the side rails of the bridge and before he could say Surulere, she jumped into the water!

For a moment he couldn’t move, he felt like he was in a trance. When he finally got himself, he drove straight to his family house to seek his mum because he couldn’t comprehend what had happened. On hearing the story, his Mum started a prayer session immediately! Trust Momsi na!

what lesson is to be learnt?
why are guys so eager to claim conquests even after just one night of partying, clubbing or just meeting up?
is it a measure of their manhood?
is this how they count amongst themselves who the head honcho is?

Even if she wasn’t a water spirit or demon or a karishika or an ayamatanga or a domitila,
what if she had an std?
There is syphilis and gonorrhea which are treatable,but there is also herpes and hiv/aids which remain for life.

Its all fun and games till one loses all his/her life”s hopes and dreams because of just one night of pleasure.
lets face it
Is it worth throwing everything away for?

Shout out to all the female figures in our lives having sleepless nights on top our matter, be it our mums, aunts, sisters, girlfriends or wives, We love you long time and may the good Lord keep you for us.

We all have that childhood myth that started in our various primary/elementary schools. I think I recall some we had in my day. From the famous ‘Lady Koi Koi’, the Bush babies we’ve never really seen, to the little mermaid movie that got our little minds thinking then if mermaids aka ‘Mammy-water’ really exists. 
Please feel free to share the myths and stories you heard while growing up. I’m sure we all heard different ones.

Ps:The stories on this post are purely fictional (or not maybe? Who knows?) and is covered with the blood of jesus☺

Shoutout to my bro tega kragha aka yozzy,you’re d best!

Please share your thoughts and comments.Thanks

Love, hugs and pizza
Yours truly,
Miss jummielicious.



Hey guys,my name is jummai bulama,aka miss jummielicious and I’m welcoming you to my first post on this I’ll be talking about anything and everything.

Beforei go any further i need to confess,I was wrong,Blogging isn’t easy at all.You see other blogs and say nah “piece of cake” I can do this at the snap of a finger,But we fail to realise that a lot of work goes into each and every post.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is definitely not easy (so abeg make una pity me take am small small I just dey start e no easy to write o)But I’ve decided to take this bold step to find myself and my voice (so abeg make una support the ministry)Lol

In the (1999)popular romantic sitcom “Sex and the City” yewls I love old movies😛😋sue me.”carrie”raised up a lovely point when she asked the question when do u know enough is enough in a relationship?which brings me to my post of the day.

I was on Twitter the other day, where I hide under the canopy of other people’s controversial tweets to run my amebo network.When a friend of mine directed my attention to a video of a lady who had a knife to a guy’s throat,the guy here happens to be her boyfriend in the video you see her telling the guy to say something with a slap to support the command.

The sum of what the guy was saying was that people should leave their relationship alone, that they are in love.So obviously people must have been complaining about how the girl was treating the guy and had started leaving comments,on the guys instagram handle to express their concerns.

Which definitely didn’t leave the girl happy,cause i don’t understand the type of love where you’ll bully me,slap me and call it love.singing🎵🎶”if this is the kind of love my mama warned me about ,im in trouble “infact me i dont want lol.i laughed like crazy cause I finally understood the caption which said “she used his b***s for earrings
You can watch the video here


It was so funny at first,I had to retweet the video,but hours after retweeting I had a sober reflection and asked myself some soul searching questions
1.if this was happening to a woman wouldn’t that video go viral?

2.Wouldn’t the police have gotten involved?

But now it’s a man people aren’t taking it seriously.what is your deal breaker in a relationship?what do you think men in this situation should do?should they come out and speak up at the risk of being called weak and cowardice or should they endure.

The bottom line is violence never solves anything guys,so say no to violence it’s never the answer.

So where do u stand on this topic? please share your thoughts n comments on the leave a reply box! thanks

Love, hugs&calamari
Have a blessed week ahead
Yours truly,
Miss jummielicious